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As a distinguished AWS Partner, DiscusIT stands out as one of the select few globally recognized AWS Well-Architected Partners. Our expertise lies in delivering advanced AWS solutions, spanning architecture, migration, optimization, and more, all built upon the robust AWS Well-Architected Framework.

Leverage our knowledge and experience as an AWS Partner to optimize your AWS environment and propel your cloud journey to new heights. Schedule your FREE Well-Architected Review today and unlock the full potential of your cloud infrastructure with Discus as your trusted AWS Partner.

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    Well-Architected Framework Review

    The Well-Architected Review is a comprehensive and structured assessment process developed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to help optimize their cloud workloads. It follows a framework of best practices to ensure that the architecture of your AWS environment is secure, efficient, reliable, and cost-effective. The review is designed to help you make informed decisions about your cloud infrastructure and align it with industry-leading practices.

    The Well-Architected Review evaluates your AWS workloads based on six key pillars:

    Operational Excellence

    Operational excellence focuses on effectively managing and running your AWS workloads to deliver business value. It emphasizes operational automation, continuous improvement, and organizational culture. This pillar encourages the adoption of best practices for monitoring, incident management, and regular reviews to optimize operational efficiency and minimize manual interventions.


    The security pillar is of paramount importance in any cloud environment. It addresses how well your AWS workloads are protected from potential security threats and vulnerabilities. This includes implementing strong access controls, data encryption, and compliance measures. The pillar encourages a defense-in-depth approach and emphasizes the importance of securing your applications and data.


    The Reliability pillar assesses the resilience of your AWS architecture in handling failures and disruptions. It centers around crafting fault-tolerant systems that can swiftly and autonomously recover from outages, encompassing backup and restore strategies, disaster recovery plans, and integrating resilience into your applications.

    Performance Efficiency

    Performance efficiency examines how effectively your AWS resources are utilized to meet the performance needs of your workloads. It includes selecting appropriate instance types, optimizing storage, and ensuring efficient network configurations. This pillar encourages continuous monitoring and optimization of resource utilization to deliver optimal performance.

    Cost Optimization

    Cost optimization is centered around managing & optimizing your AWS spending. It involves identifying opportunities to reduce costs without compromising performance or security. This includes leveraging cost-effective resources, implementing cost allocation, and using tools for cost visibility and control. The goal is to achieve maximum value from your AWS investments.


    The sustainability pillar emphasizes the importance of considering the environmental impact of your AWS workloads. It focuses on adopting eco-friendly practices, promoting energy efficiency, and using renewable energy sources. The sustainability pillar encourages organizations to minimize their carbon footprint and make environmentally responsible decisions in their cloud operations.

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      Our Review Process

      Our team follows a structured approach to conduct the Well-Architected Framework Review:


      We collaborate with your team to understand your business objectives, current infrastructure, and pain points.


      Our experts perform a comprehensive assessment of your AWS environment, aligning it with the AWS best practices.

      Analysis and Recommendations

      Based on the assessment, we present a detailed analysis of your workloads and offer actionable recommendations to improve your architecture.

      Implementation Support

      With your approval, we provide hands-on support during the implementation of the recommended changes, ensuring a smooth and successful transition.

      Why Choose Us

      AWS-Certified Experts

      Our team consists of certified AWS professionals with extensive experience in cloud architecture and AWS services.

      Tailored Solutions

      We understand that every business is unique, and our solutions are tailored to meet your specific requirements and objectives.

      Proven Track Record

      We have a track record of successfully helping businesses optimize their AWS infrastructure and achieve their desired outcomes.


      Let us help you unlock the full potential of AWS by conducting a Well-Architected Framework Review for your cloud workloads. Reach out to us today to get started on your journey to a more secure, efficient, and cost-effective cloud environment.

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