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    What is Cloud Security?

    Cloud security refers to protecting your data and applications from hackers and other malicious actors who may be trying to steal your information or disrupt your business operations. With that in mind, two essential components of a secure cloud are encryption and access control. Encryption scrambles information so no one can read it without first having a key, while access control ensures that only authorized people have access to sensitive information.

    The reason why cloud security is important is that it can help protect your data from being stolen or corrupted.

    Potential cloud security challenges

    • The user data is accessible to the teams and devices outside the organizational network, so this data must be secured. 
    • The primary challenge is to define perimeters, as the cloud environment is well connected, and threats can be a severe issue.
    • Employees having access to the cloud can exploit the information to the outside world. 
    • In a third-party cloud setup, you get limited access to data and applications. 
    • In a third-party cloud setup, an organization’s reach to physical infrastructure is negligible. 
    • Human errors are inevitable and can cause problems in the configuration of access controls.

    Cloud security solutions

    • Imposing encryption on communications and sensitive data is the best approach
    • End-to-end encryption of data uploaded to the cloud is required
    • Always change the default settings to prevent access to hackers
    • Always close the cloud storage container; otherwise, anyone can open the URLs easily
    • Strengthen your password by combining letters and numbers with special characters
    • Choose a trusted password manager
    • Don’t forget to back up your regular cloud data on your PC, external hard drive, or a different cloud. It will help you restore your data if your old data is lost.
    • Keep changing the cloud permissions after a certain period of time to prevent all company data from being accessed by any employee.
    • Don’t provide an ‘access all areas’ password to anyone, as this is the key to keeping your data secure.

    Strategic Security

    AWS is designed to help organizations develop a high-performing, flexible, and modern infrastructure for their applications. Global security experts who monitor our infrastructure also create and maintain a wide range of innovative security services that can help you meet your security and regulatory requirements. Our security solutions are focused on offering strategic benefits that are important for you in implementing optimal protection for your organization.


    Define user permissions and identities, infrastructure protection measures, and data protection for a smooth and planned AWS adoption policy.


    Gain insight into your organization’s security through logging and monitoring services and use this information for event management, testing, and auditing on scalable platforms.


    Automated incident response to help security teams shift focus from reaction to root cause detection.


    Take advantage of event-driven automation to quickly repair and secure your AWS environment in almost real-time.


    AWS Migration Case Study

    How Discus overcame the Scalability issues of one of the major pharma company in Europe by providing fully automated deployment operations with zero operational burdens.