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    What is Cloud Consulting?

    Cloud consulting services help you harness the power of cloud computing. It ensures businesses leverage all benefits of the cloud and flourish in the ever-changing IT landscape. It is crucial to take strategic steps to implement cloud consulting services.

    The methodology begins with assessment, planning, deployment, and optimization. Also, it is necessary to address all the customer challenges to seamlessly migrate to the cloud.

    Benefit from Cloud Consulting

    Cost Saving

    The Consulting Cloud has been a great tool to save time, money and resources helping companies reduce their operational costs with cloud automation.

    Optimized Cost and Optimal Performance

    We design the optimal resource coordination pattern, including automatic surging of high load in peak hours, selecting the best cloud services according to business needs, and implementing performance-testing procedures.

    High-Speed Growth

    The consulting cloud offers a faster way for companies to make decisions by providing faster and seamless access to other systems.

    Flexibility and Reliability

    We design fault-tolerant architectures for cloud applications and recommend APM (Application Performance Management) practices to ensure operational flexibility and high application reliability.

    Improved Security Architecture

    Our job as a cloud host is to carefully monitor the security of your data and the implementation of password-based access and save your data from cyber attackers.

    Service Offerings

    Cloud engineers at Discus have decades of experience in building cloud solutions and specialize in understanding the need for cloud deployment, engineering solutions, private cloud consulting, and IT ownership needs based on clients' geographic location. The cloud engineering consultation consists of the following steps: IT architecture analysis, aggregation evaluation, plan exploitation, and solution provisioning.

    Digital technologies like containerization facilitate the migration of big applications to the cloud and play a significant role in deploying microservices. Container platforms on AWS and Azure primarily benefit organizations in flexibility, scalability, and better deployment. Deploying containers in the cloud is an essential link for DevOps.

    Companies already operating from on-premises stacked applications will be able to migrate to the cloud ecosystem. Our container consulting services help companies separate stack applications from microservices and then move on-premises applications to the cloud in containers.

    Cloud optimization services cover all aspects of your business, including security, performance enhancement and scalability of the business. Save your time and cost with dynamic cloud optimization services by enhancing business efficiency and performance.

    Automate your business processes following the latest cloud governance standards to drive exceptional results.


    AWS Migration Case Study

    How Discus overcame the Scalability issues of one of the major pharma company in Europe by providing fully automated deployment operations with zero operational burdens.