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Countless businesses and industries are emerging every day. There are always a set of technologies, rules, guidelines, processes, etc., followed for a long time, which are almost a legacy right now. But change is always necessary. With technology advancing every passing day, numerous significant changes are happening worldwide in different aspects that are for our good. And one such very advantageous change is cloud migration! Cloud operation is quite prevalent right now worldwide and for the very right reasons! According to the economic times, the public cloud services market grew from $175,8 billion in 2018 to $206.2 billion in 2019, which depicts a steady and straight graph of profit and growth. This also illustrates that various companies and enterprises are finally switching and migrating to the cloud gradually. Therefore, migrating to the cloud is undoubtedly the smartest thing you can do for your company right now. If you are still not yet convinced, let’s check out some cloud migration benefits or some good reasons to move to cloud this year. Let’s get started!

What are the benefits of cloud migration?

Now when we have the fundamentals completely clear, let’s check out some exciting cloud migration benefits!


The traditional network systems are quite outdated, and the high chances are, your company will have many important and sensitive data. Therefore, you already know that all of it is at risk. Since the traditional systems have been all this while, hackers can easily find a loophole and barge into your company system, a severe threat. Therefore, moving into the cloud offers you some significant security advantages. Most cloud platforms follow a “shared responsibility” model or concept between the customer and the cloud platform. This means that both ends have equal responsibility in maintaining the confidentiality and security of the company. According to a survey from Microsoft office 365, about 94% of the small businesses have already appreciated the enhanced security post cloud migration. With cloud migration, you get to store all your business information centrally, which offers better security than traditional methods. There are several built-in security services within the cloud platforms, too, like security analytics, cross-enterprise visibility, and so on. There are regular automatic security updates that regularly check any potential threat to the system and thereby alert you. These cloud platforms have compliance certifications too. Amazon has PCI-DSS, ISO27001, AICPA/SOC, and HIPAA, which ensures complete reliability. Thus, rest assured, your sensitive data is in safe hands!

High scalability

Scaling and adjusting based on the standard requirements to meet customer demands is essential. Another very significant reason to move to the cloud is the cloud platforms’ high scalability facility. With cloud migration, you can reshape your current infrastructure and processes to suit your vital interests to help in the company’s overall growth and profit. You get complete flexibility with any possible contracts, minimum terms, etc., which are very common with the traditional processes and strategies. The improved agility helps in increasing the overall efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.


There are numerous operations and other costs involved in various processes for the company. A proper and effective budget plan that can help reduce the costs and invest them in a better place can be very beneficial. Thus, if you are still struggling with your company’s expenses, it is the right time to migrate to the cloud. According to the survey of Microsoft office 365, 82% of the small businesses have reported a reduced expenditure after adapting to cloud technology. According to another survey by Datometry, about 61% of companies have switched to cloud platforms to cut down their expenses. With a cloud platform, you get access to various aspects by paying only for the services you need. Most of these cloud platforms’ service plans usually include maintenance, security, stack configuration, and others, all under a single umbrella! Thus, you get to save up a lot of money here, which can then be reinvested into other core activities for an increased profit.

Easy access

In this digital world, remote work offices are very prevalent. Another significant cloud migration benefit is that you can access all your data and information from any device at any possible geographic location with a set of credentials. This gives the employees a high amount of flexibility to meet all the operational and customer needs without any hassle. This flexibility gives rise to more new opportunities, which can eventually turn in your favor.

Easy monitoring

Tracking every possible data and information within a company is challenging and complex if done with the traditional methods. It is essential to ensure that all of the processes are carried out in the right manner. Most cloud platforms offer a built-in status monitoring facility, which is another crucial reason to move to the cloud. This will help in identifying any possible flaws or issues within the infrastructure. This way, you can speed up the processes and thereby again aids in improved overall productivity and customer satisfaction.

Final Thoughts

We have listed some important reasons to move to cloud, but there is undoubtedly more to that. There are endless cloud migration benefits that can help in the uphill growth of your company. Migrating to the cloud will undeniably give you the edge over your competitors too in every aspect. Thus, if you have not yet migrated to the cloud, what are you still waiting for? Migrate to the best cloud platform today and enjoy many such unique perks!